Here at Sol & Luna I love to join forces with other amazing women who help other women and can offer things that I may not, connected with pregnancy care and postnatal care.  Below are some awesome women doing great things and all come highly doula recommended!! 

Julia Davies – Herbalist

Julia is a wonderful lady who is a very amazing herbalist who can help you throughout your pregnancy and after with her amazing knowledge of herbs, supplements and Flower Essences.
She can also help with the following & more….
Women: PMS, irregular periods, infertility, pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause
Children: recurring infections, skin conditions, sleep issues, bedwetting, worms
Digestive problems: constipation, diarrhoea, IBS, ulcerative colitis, parasitic infections
Detoxification and liver restoration
Chronic health conditions
Stress and exhaustion
Thyroid problems
Poor immunity
Sleep issues
Her amazing products are also featured in our Shop
About Julia
I grew up playing in my mother’s herb garden in South Africa, and ​always loved the way herbs help so many conditions, as they have done for millennia.
Many years later, I got my Advanced Diploma in Herbal Medicine whilst living in Australia, where the extensive taught me how all the body systems work together, and which herbs and nutrients treat specific disease states safely and effectively.CALL JULIA for free 15 minute chat to discover how she help you today
Based in Royston Cambridge
Doula recommended for amazing Pregnancy care & more

Visit Julias Website Here

Cat – Blackbird Beauties

Cat is the owner and main artisan of Blackbird Beauties. We are a alternative online boutique specialising in the crafting of unique holistic items for those in love with all things crystal and natural, alongside beautiful handpicked crystals and accessories.

We are  on facebook here or in our fabulous facebook group – where you can purchase new beauties, sale items and take part in live sessions.  

You can also find us at festivals and events where we exhibit our beauties.  See the list on website

Visit Cats Website Here

Julie Sammells – Calm Candles London

A husband and wife team originally from Hertfordshire, with a love of the ocean and the countryside.  We wanted to create a product that would inspire people to take some time for themselves.  Having both worked in different industries, sometimes one or the other in a different country.  We found that juggling five children and our work commitments,  time out was difficult.. sometimes very difficult!
However, it was and is something that we ensure takes priority. Making time is crucial to our personal mental and physical wellbeing, and our family life.  
Candles have always been part of our home, however the idea came while managing a beautiful holistic centre over a period of six years where we focused on wellbeing for mind and body.
During that time candles were used to set the scene, to create a feeling of relaxation as soon as you entered each treatment room.  It was clear to see then that the daily ‘noise’ of life was affecting so many.  We all need more time to be more calm and relax, to take our mental health more seriously. Candles are the perfect way to start a relaxation session,  with the added meditations coming they will make an ideal home purchase or gift for someone who needs to calm….who does not!?
Essential to our everyday, we really need to practice CALM ‘mind’ time. Allow ourselves to slow down our pace. If we can just give ourselves space to be calmer, we can learn how to prevent stress, alleviate anxiety and work to promote and improve our own health and happiness.
Here at Sol & Luna Birth Doula we are proud to stock these amazing Candles.

Visit Calm Candles Website Here



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