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Pregnancy Sickness Crystals


A unique collection of crystals designed by Sol & Luna Doula in collaboration with Blackbird Beauties especially designed to support pregnant mothers suffering from Pregnancy Sickness

This is a set of 4 high quality crystals including:

Amazonite:  Great for helping with muscle cramps often associated with pregnancy and encourages absorption of nutrients, minerals and vitamins.  Also helps self-confidence & self-worth.

Red Jasper:  Strong grounding stone which has a great connection with the lower three chakras.  Very helpful for equalling emotional issues and gives a strong sense of stability.  Helps to stimulate energy, strength & stamina

Rose Quartz: Protective during pregnancy and child birth.  Its loving nurturing energy is great in times of stress for both Mother and Baby.  The ultimate crystal for love.

Clear Quartz:   Is great for amplifying specific intentions. It is a programable crystal & can be used for a multitude of things.  The quartz crystal in this set has been programmed to help support during times of sickness.

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Pregnancy Sickness Crystals

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