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Balance & Love Crystals


A unique collection of crystals designed by Sol & Luna Doula in collaboration with Blackbird Beauties especially designed to bring Balance & Love to pregnancy & childbirth

Moonstone: Moonstone is one of the best stones for pregnancy, it can bring a deeper connection to your body bringing clarity & sensitivity.  Its great for fluid retention, balancing hormones, emotions & promotes healing.

White Agate: Helps protect mother & baby from harm,  helps with labour pains & promotes a healthy milk flow for your baby.

Unakite: One of the best crystals to help promote a healthy pregnancy & the good health of your unborn baby.  Recommended for healthy delivery

Rose Quartz: Protective during pregnancy and child birth.  Its loving nurturing energy is great in times of stress for both Mother and Baby.  The ultimate crystal for love.

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Balance & Love Crystals

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